Jesus and the land promise

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The Creation Concept

Single file

Abraham was promised a land

The land of promise in the OT

Israel's restoration-which Israel?

Can Zionism deliver?

Did Walvoord sell out the church?

A heavenly city, or literal land?

What does Jesus promise his saints?

What did God teach Jacob at Bethel?

Why was Jacob's name changed?

Is heaven open, or shut?

The ladder to heaven

Holy ground

In the wilderness

What are Israel's borders?

What do landforms represent?

A land of milk and honey

Connection with Eden

An inheritance unseen

Zion's foundations

Enter into the rock

New heaven and new earth

Israel's return to the land

How the land swallows up the serpent's flood

Did God abandon his promise of the land?

Is the promised land a symbol of paradise?

The knowledge of God, a better promised land

Isaiah 6:11, 'How long, Lord?'

Is the promised land a symbol of the earth?

Threshing the mountains

The mountains of Isaiah 40 & 41

Barry E. Horner and the land promise

The desert will blossom as the rose

Links related to the land promise

Links related to the land promise

Has the land promise been set aside?

Prophetic Mountains

The Gospel and the land promise

Gehenna and the land promise

Changes in the promised land

Jesus and the Mount of Olives

Heavenly Jerusalem

Land, Seed, and Blessing in the Abrahamic Covenant, by Nathan Pitchford

Understanding the Land Promise, by Bob Hayton

Why I'm Not a Christian Zionist, Academically Speaking by Gary M. Burge

The Gospel in Joshua (Anon.) 1869

The law of the offerings in Leviticus i.-vii. by Andrew Jukes 1848

The fulness of blessing by Sarah Frances Smiley 1878

Patrick Fairbairn on the land promise

The Covenant of Promise by J. W. Brooks

Jesus and the Holy City: New Testament perspectives on Jerusalem, by Peter W. L. Walker. [Grand Rapids, Mich. W.B. Eerdmans Pub. 1996]

Review: The Land of Promise. Philip Johnston, and Peter Walker, eds. [Downers Grove, Ill., InterVarsity Press, 2000.]

Theology of the Land: A History of Dispensational Approaches by Steven Sizer (From the book The Land of Promise.)

The Israel of God, by Michael Marlowe

An Alternative Theology of the Holy Land: A Critique of Christian Zionism by Dr. Stephen R. Sizer

Israel and Palestine: Where is God in the conflict? by Colin Chapman

The people of God according to Romans 9-11, by Daniel Ayuch

The Land and Jesus, by Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr. A review of Jesus and the Land: The New Testament Challenge to "Holy Land" Theology by Gary M. Burge. (Baker Academic, 2010)

Joshua: and the Land of Promise, by F. B. Meyer. 1893

Jesus is the Promised Land, by M.F. Blume

The true meaning of the promised land, by David Wilkerson

The Promised Land A Biblical Journey of Discovery, by Philip P. Eapen

Christ is the Owner of Haaretz, by Yohanna Katanacho

Taking the Promised Land, Leaving the Promised Land: Luke's Use of Joshua for a Christian Foundation Story

A Christian approach to Old Testament prophecy concerning Israel, by Chris Wright

Yahweh as the Warrior in the Conquest of the Promised Land and the theological implications for the establishment of the Modern State of Israel, by David Chong Wui Howe

A Biblical Perspective on Israel/Palestine, by Colin Chapman

The Loss of the Kingdom/Land Promise, by Bruce Lyon

Jerusalem: Past and Present in the Purposes of God. Peter W. L. Walker, editor. Cambridge: Tyndale House, 1992

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