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Sermons vpon the whole booke of the Reuelation

by George Gifford.
Richard Field and Felix Kinston, 1599.
Set forth by George Giffard, Preacher of the Word at Mauldin in Essex.

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Sermon XXII

4 These are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks, standing before the God of the earth.

5 And if any will hurt them, fire proceedeth out of their mouth, and shall devour their enemies: and if any will hurt them, so must he be killed.

6 These have power to shut heaven, that it rain not in the days of their prophecying, and have power over waters to turn them into blood, and to smite the earth with all manner of plagues, as oft as they will.

7 And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast that cometh out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them.

8 And their corpses shall lie in the street of the great city, which is called spiritually Sodom and Egypt, where our Lord also was crucified.

9 And they of the people, and kindreds, and tongues and Gentiles, shall see their corpses  three days and an half, and shall not suffer their corpses to be put in graves.

10 And they that dwell upon the earth shall rejoice over them, and they shall be glad, and they shall send gifts one to another, for these two prophets tormented them the inhabitants of the earth.

11 But after three days and an half, the spirit of life which came from God, shall enter into them, and they shall stand upon their feet; and great fear shall fall upon them which see them.

12 And they heard a great voice from heaven, saying unto them, Come up hither. And they went up into heaven in a cloud; and their enemies saw them.

13 And in that hour there was a great earthquake, and the tenth part of the city fell, and in the earthquake were slain names of men, seven thousand, and the rest were terrified and gave glory to the God of heaven.

Saint John proceedeth forward in the description pf these two witnesses, of whom we spoke last time in the former verses. And because to the eye of the world, or in external shew, the true ministers of the Gospel seem very base, very weak, and contemptible, and to have nothing excellent or precious in them: and moreover it seemeth that they be overcome, trodden down, and utterly vanquished by their enemies: lest we should be caried away with that opinion, they are here set forth to be honourable in the sight of God, and full of spiritual treasures wherewith they enrich the Church; and heavenly power also is in them, wherewith they be armed, even unto a marvellous victory and triumph over those which seem to overcome them. This place is then, as we shall see, for to teach us, that we must not esteem of Christ's ministers according to outward appearance in external glory and worldly pomp, which indeed they have not: but according to the heavenly and spiritual graces and power with which they are furnished, for the weapons of their warfare are spiritual.

Let us look upon the words as they lie. He saith they be two olive trees, and two candlesticks, &c. We read in Moses, that the oil of olives is very sweet and precious. And it is usual in the holy Scriptures (as all do know ) by sweet precious oils wherewith they did use to annoint them, to represent the graces of the holy Ghost. This heavenly precious oil, even these sweet graces of the holy Ghost, the Lord poureth upon his Church by his faithful ministers: and therefore they are said to be two olive trees, they have the sweet oil of the spirit, not to themselves alone, but for others. They be also two Candlesticks: ye know what the use of candlesticks is. They bear up the pure light of God's word, which from them shineth upon men, as the candlesticks do bear the candles set upon them. Then that they are said to stand before the God of the earth, it is to shew, that they be his instruments which ruleth not only in the heavens , but also in the earth, yea even then when all things seem to be ordered at the will of Satan & wicked men: for we will acknowledge that God ruleth in the heavens, but in such times we can hardly believe that he ruleth in the earth. We may note from hence what a precious use there is of the ministry of the Gospel: and what blessings God doth give by it. For what can be more necessary? what can be more for our spiritual comfort and eternal blessedness than to have the Lord pour  into our hearts the heavenly and spiritual graces of the holy Ghost, which is figured by the olive trees, and to shine unto us with the true light, which he doth by his ministers, as they are said to be candlesticks? Here also the ministers of the Gospel may learn, if they will be true ministers of Christ, what manner of persons they ought to be, even fresh olive trees, and candlesticks, that is, full of heavenly graces dropping from them, and full of clear light, both in pure doctrine, and godly conversation. Blessed be such instruments, that stand before the God of the earth, yea a thousand times blessed of God, their work is so precious. And woe be to them which hold the place, & through their darkness and fleshly mind, are nothing less, than olive trees and candlesticks. Thus we see, what precious instruments they are unto the children of God: now let us see with what might and power they be armed against the wicked enemies and profain worldlings. And if (saith he) any will hurt them, fire proceedeth out of their mouth, and devoureth their enemies: for if any will hurt them so must he be killed. These have power to shut heaven that it rain not in the days of their prophecying, &c. It may seem strange, that we ascribe this which is here written unto the ordinary ministers and preachers of the Gospel: for where have those preachers been seen or heard of, that have had fire proceeding out their mouths to devour their enemies? Where have we known of such as could shut the heauens that it should not rain? or that have turned waters into blood, and stike the earth with all manner of plagues when they would? are there any such ministers now? or have we read of such in time of popery? For answer unto this, ye must know that this book uttereth almost all things mystically. For indeed the doctrine of God's word, which proceedeth out of the mouth of his faithful witnesses, is a fire that shall devour and slay all the wicked enemies. It shall not slay them with bodily death, for that way the beast prevaileth against the servants of Christ, but as a fire it shall devour them for ever with a spiritual death. O mighty is the glorious word of the Lord, and it triumphs over all: for those whom it doth not purge as pure gold, it burneth them up like dross. Let us take heed how we despise and resist it, and let us beware how we become enemies unto the true ministers of it. For they be stark mad, and know not what they do, which oppose themselves against the ministers of Christ. They must be killed and devoured with this terrible fire, and yet they know it not. This is plain enough touching the fire which proceedeth out of their mouth: but how shall we understand that which followeth, that they have power to shut heaven that it rain not, that also they can turn waters into blood, and strike the earth with all manner of plagues, which of all the preachers hath done these things? Thus it is, Elias did shut the heavens, that it rained not in three years and six months. Moses turned the waters into blood, and stroke the land of Egypt with sundry plagues. And now the faithful witnesses of Christ, the true ministers of his Gospel are compared to these two great Prophets Moses and Elias, not that they shall worke those miracles which they did in such outward things, but that they shall be furnished with a power in spiritual things, which is no less. The great power of God is in the ministry of the Gospel, as ye may read 2. Cor. 10 even to cast down every thing which exaulteth itself against God, &c. This power is not visible, and therefore it pleased God to furnish his prophets and his Apostles with the power to work wonders unto the bodily sight of men, that thereby they might be led to consider of that invisible power of God with which they were armed. Now although the faithful ministers have not the power to worke these external signs and wonders: yet because they have that glorious invisible power which is the greater, they are said to have also that power to do outward signs & wonders, which was but as a witness of that other. I know that this is far from the common opinion of men, because they can see if a wonder be wrought before their bodily eyes, but they have no eyes of the soul to behold the most wonderful and glorious power of the Gospel, in throwing down the power of darkness, even the kingdom and power of the devil, in saving the faithful, destroying the rebellious. The Lord our God by these speeches pf shutting of heaven, that it rain not in the days of their prophecying, of turning the waters into blood, and striking the earth with all manner of plagues, doth lead us to consideration of that invisible power which is the true ministry of his word. Saint Paul saith, the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation, to every one that believeth, Rom. 1. It is the arm of the Lord, Isa. 53. Therefore let not us be blinded to think meanly of`it according to the outward shew of the ministers. I would stand no longer upon these words, but it is needful here a little to answer the papists. For from hence they draw one of` their chief arguments, by which they would prove that the Pope is not Antichrist. Thus they reason (if I may call it reasoning, which yet indeed is plain doting.) If Enoch and Elias have not yet come and resisted the Bishop of Rome, then is not (say they) the Bishop of Rome Antichrist. But these two men Enoch and Elias, have not come and resisted the Pope, therefore he cannot be Antichrist. For they take it that the two witnesses here spoken of are indeed Enoch and Elias, and that they shall come down from heaven in person, and preach against Antichrist three years and an half, & then be killed by him. They have for this, the opinion of some ancient writers, but indeed with variety, & nothing as they vaunt and would make shew of. They stand also to prove the same by the holy Scriptures, but fail utterly therein. For although the holy Scriptures do testify, that Enoch was translated and saw not death, and that Elias was taken up in a fiery chariot: yet to say that their bodies were received into heaven we cannot: much less can it be proved that they shall come down from heaven, and live among men, and preach against Antichrist, and then be killed. Yes (say the papists) touching Elias it is clear, that he shall come again in person, even by the words of the Prophet Malachi: Behold I send you Elias the Prophet, &c. How inportunate would those papists be, if our Saviour himself had not expounded that saing of the Prophet touching the coming of Elias? So they might have some colour of matter to prove that Antichrist is not yet come, they will strengthen the Jews in their opinion, that the Messiah is not yet come. For when the Lord Jesus Christ the redeemer was come, the Scribes said he was not he Christ, and why? because (said they) Elias must first come and restore all things, as the Lord promised by the Prophet Malachi. This you may see in Mat. 17:10. They erred because they looked that Elias should come in person: whereas the meaning of the Lord by the Prophet was, that he would send one to prepare the way before the face of his Son, which should come with the spirit and power of Elias, as the Angel doth expound it unto Zecharias the father of John Baptist, Luk. 1:17. Our Saviour made answer unto his Disciples, that indeed Elias must come, and then addeth further that he was already come, and they did not know him, Mat. 17. And when he had spoken much in the commendation of the greatness of John the Baptist, in the end, he addeth and if ye will receive it, this is that Elias which was for to come, Mat. 11:14. Can the papists with any face stand now to maintain that this place of Malachi was and is to be taken, that Elias should come in spirit first before Christ to prepare his way, and then in person to resist Antichrist? If John Baptist be that Elias which should by promise come, what can move us to look for another Elias? What, shall we with the Jews look for Elias to come in person, and so call into question whether the true Messiah be yet come? The prophet Malachi speaketh from the Lord unto his own nation, saying, Behold I will send unto ye Elias the prophet, he shall turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to the fathers &c. Whereby it is evident, that if Elias must come in person, it must be unto them, that is I say, to the Jews, and to restore all things among them. But the Angel, and our Saviour himself have shewed that this prophecy is already fulfilled, and all things therein have been performed by John the Baptist. And so for ought that the Jesuits can cavill upon this place touching the two witnesses, it remaineth still as clear as the Sun, for ought that is here against it, that the Pope is the great Antichrist.

Thus much touching the spiritual and heavenly power wherewith the true ministers of the Gospel are armed, and for which they be likened and compared to the two great prophets Elias and Moses. Let us now proceed to the rest. Here is set forth in the next place the savage cruelty that Antichrist, and his seduced multitude of idolatrous subjects, should exercise upon these true and faithful witnesses of our Lord Jesus Christ. One way, that is touching the bodily death, they prevail against them, and overcome them but another way (as we shall see) these worthy servants of the Lord do triumph in victory over them most gloriously. These are the words: And when the have finished their testimony, the beast which cometh out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them, and shall kill them. As the fire which cometh out of their mouths devoureth their enemies, and slayeth them with a spiritual death, so the power of the Antichristian kingdom shall be bent against them, overmatch them, and slay them with the corporal death: so far shall the Romish tyranny prevail over them. The beast is said here to come our of the bottomless pit, that is, out of hell. And some do hold that the great Antichrist shall be a very devil indeed, and it may be that they which think so, are moved by this place so to think: for no men, but devils do come from hell. But indeed their opinion is vain, and this speech maketh nothing at all for it. Seeing (as we shall observe when we come to the 13 chapter) the beast is not put so much for the men, as for the savage and beastly power which those men do exercise. And also the power is of the devil, which the beast should exercise: for the Dragon giveth to this beast his power, his throne, and great authority, as we read chap. 13:2. Then it cometh out of the bottomless pit of hell. This cruel power which the devil giveth to Antichrist and his ministers, is wholly bent against the faithful preachers & ministers of the Gospel: for it is said, that he shall make war against them. As indeed there is great cause: for their doctrine, even the pure and most wholesome doctrine of God, doth discover their blasphemous filthy abominations. And so if that take place, down goeth their credit and estimation, which in no wise they can abide, and therefore make war. Then further, we see it is the holy will of the Lord, that the beast in warring against the Prophets, shall prevail against them, overcome them, and kill them.

This must not seem strange, seeing all sorts of enemies have been permitted so far at one time or other, it when the Lord would give this high honour unto his servants, that they should be his witnesses, even with the shedding of their blood. Then let all men take heed, when they see or hear of the cruel murdering of the Preachers & professors of the Gospel, that these thoughts ,or this manner of reasoning enter not into their mind, as to think or say thus: The Pope and his do prevail against the Preachers and professors, & cut them down, therefore God doth bless and favour the Church of Rome: he alloweth their worship and religion. Or thus: the Preachers and professors are with all dishonour, contempt, and reproach, cut off and trode down even as the mire in the streets, therefore God careth not for them: for if they were dear and precious unto him, he would not suffer them to be so used. This reasoning is far awry, for ye see it here plainly expresses, that God giveth power to the beast cruelly to murder his faithful witnesses, which yet notwithstanding are very dear and precious in his sight. Nothing is or can be more evident than this: and yet many are astonished, and many are seduced at the beholding of the same. Their sight can pierce no deeper then to the external appearance and view of matters, & according to that they do judge. Here is yet one thing worthy special observation, and that is, that the beast shall not prevail against them to kill them, until such time as they have finished their testimony. They must first perform their service to the Church, for which they are appointed. The Lord doth protect them from the power & rage of Antichrist, until such time as they have done their whole message. The most high governor over all will have his truth uttered, & his work finished: he will have his servants accomplish (as I said) their whole service, before they be cut off. We read in the Gospel, that the enemies would have laid hold of Christ, but his hour was not yet come: even so until their hour be come they cannot touch these. It is added, that their corpses shall lie in the streets of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where our Lord was crucified. These words do declare a most bitter hatred, and a most savage cruelty in the men of Antichrist's Synagogue, against the Saints of God. For they are not satisfied nor contented with the killing of them, no not with all the torments, tortures and reproaches, which they cause them to endure while they be alive: but after they be dead, they do them all the dishonor which they can, by casting forth their dead bodies into the open places, denying them the honor of burial.

Their whole drift and purpose in this, is to have those precious bodies of the holy Martyrs, esteemed to be no better then dead carrion, even the dead bodies of dogs or swine. and so they would terrify others. Whereby we may see how low here in the world, the Lord doth suffer his glorious witnesses to be cast into all outward ignominy. If they could put them unto a thousand deaths, this place sheweth that they should be sure of it. And because they would make it (as I said) a spectacle and a terror unto others to drive them from their doctrine, they cast their slain bodies into the open streets of their bloody city. Why, will some say, will they suffer the dead carcasses of men to lie in the streets? will it not annoy them, & be so unwholesome that they shall not be able to abide it? And if it be clear that Rome is this great city, the seat of Antichrist, what Preachers of the Golspel have been slain there, and cast forth into the streets there to lie? I answer, that we may not take this to be spoken of the streets within the walls of the city of Rome, but look how far the power and dominion of Rome hath spread itself, loolce how far Antichrist the Pope hath exercised tyranny over the Churches in many great and large kingdoms, so far go the streets of the great city. Those which have been cruelly murdered in France, and cast forth into open place in the helds, have lain in the streets of the great city. Likewise in England, in Scotand, in Spain, in Germany, and in all the rest: for hitherto reached the streets of the great city. In those countries there have been many faithful ministers of Christ cruelly put to death, and all the dishonour that might be was then shewed to their dead bodies. This same great city, this Church or Synagogue of Antichrist, boasteth her self to be the holy, the pure, and the chaste Spouse of Christ, even the mother of all the faithful children of God: when as indeed for her uncleanness and filthiness of life most detestable, the Lord calleth her Sodom: and for her idolatry, and for bondage in which she hath held and oppressed God's people, he calleth her Egypt. Sodom was filthy in her wickedness not to be spoken, but not more filthy than Rome, &  the Romish Synagogue, and rabblement of Popes, Cardinals, Monks, Friars and Nuns. Egypt was full of superstition, and of most foul and gross idolatry, when she held the children of Israel in cruel bondage, but Rome hath exceeded her in both. And mark how the Lord saith that this great city is spiritually called Sodom & Egypt: for this teacheth us that the literal name is another: as we shall fee it plain in the 17 chapter, that the seat of the beast is literally to be called Rome. Then Rome in letter, but spiritually Sodom and Egypt. Then he addeth, Where our Lord was crucified. Full glad are the Papists of this clause, for hereby they say it is evident, that Rome is not the great city which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, seeing all do know that Christ was not crucifed at Rome, but at Jerusalem. Jerusalem, Jerusalem say they is the great city where Antichrist shall reign, and therefore the Pope cannot be Antichrist, because he hath his seat at Rome, and not in the Temple at Jerusalem where Christ was crucified. Let this trouble no man, for doubtless Christ was crucified at Rome. If any shall reply, that the four Evangelists do testify that he was crucified at Jerusalem: I answer, that is most true: but yet he was also crucified at Rome. Was he then twice crucifed? No, but thus: if we respect the place, he was crucified at Jerusalem: if we respect the power and authority that put him to death, he was crucified at Rome: Rome ruled at that time in Jerusalem. Read the Evangelists, and ye shall find that Jerusalem at the time was in subjection unto the Empire and dominion of Rome. Pontius Pilate was Deputy for the Emperor of Rome in Jerusalem. The Jews (as they confess) had no authority to put any man to death, John 18:31 & therefore they accuse him before Pilate. Pilate saw that they did it of envy, and would haue delivered him. Then they cried out, that if he did deliver him, he was not Cesar's friend, because he maketh himself a King. In which words they did accuse our Saviour of treason against the Emperor, because he made himself a King. Hereupon Pilate did condemn him to death and set this title upon his cross, as the cause of his death: Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews. Then lay all these things together, Christ is crucified by the power of the Emperor of Rome in his deputy Pilate: he was accused and put to death for treason against the Emperor, which they wickedly laid to his charge. And therefore the holy Ghost saith plainly he was crucified at Rome. Rome then crucified the head: Rome hath since cruelly murdered the members. Rome is that purple whore, which is drunken with the blood of the Saints.

Hitherto the cruelty of the beast against the Lord's witnesses, and now followeth the rage of the blind multitude which are seduced by the beast. He saith, that they of the people, and kindreds, and tongues, and Gentiles shall see their corpses three days and a half, and shall not suffer their corpses to be put in graves. O savage cruelty! they dishonour them all that they can, allowing the cruelty of Antichrist in shedding their blood: what beastly cruelty is this? The time is also noted in which they shall see their corpses lie unburied to be three dayes and an half. Before he spake of 42 months, which is three years and an half, and of a thousand, two hundred and three score days, which is the same: but here because he speaketh of the lying of dead bodies unburied, he mystically calleth it three days and a half, which is the same time with the former. Then next is noted the joy, the gladness & mirth which the inhabitants of the earth shall make that these Prophets are overcome by the beast & so cruelly slain. For he saith, that the inhabitants of the earth shall rejoyce over them, and be glad, & shall send gifts one to another. This doth shew what an extreme hatred the blind world doth bear against the true Preachers of the Gospel. We may learn by it, how far they be from all excuse, which in the darkest times of Poperie were led awry into idolatry & false religion, that they loved and liked so well of the proceedings of the beast, and hated so bitterly the pure heavenly doctrine of the Gospel. It is even the same which S. Paul speaketh, 2 Thes. 2 that because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved, God shall send them strong delusion to believe lies: that all they might be damned, which believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. For in the reign of Antichrist, such as gave ear to the Lord's witnesses, and embraced their holy doctrine were saved, but the other had pleasure in unrighteousness, & were so exceeding glad at the murdering of the Prophets, that they send gifts one to another, as the manner is at joyfull times when mens' hearts are merry. But this is more evident by the clause that followeth, when he saith, these two Prophets tormented the inhabitants of the earth. Men are glad and rejoyce exceedingly when such are destroyed and taken away as did torment them, and these prophets did torment them. lf the preachers of the Gospel be the tormenters of the world, why should the world be blamed for hating of them? Yes, for that they torment, it ariseth from the fault of the`inhabitants of the earth, and not from the fault of the preachers. For what is it which doth torment, but the fire which commeth out of their mouth? and that is the pure doctrine of God. Now this`doctrine to such as love God, is most sweet & wholesome, as the Prophet David witnesseth, Psalm 19, but to those which love darkness, and that take pleasure in unrighteousness, it is a tormenting fire, yea even a flame that shall burn them up, and devour them for ever. Mark the contrary effect in the ministry of the true Prophets of the Lord, or the diverse working. To the faithful that love the Lord, there is nothing more sweet and comfortable, than the heavenly doctrine of Christ uttered by his faithful servants, it doth even feed their souls, and fill them with joy and gladness, so that they tenderly love the messengers which bring it, even as the instruments of their eternal blessedness. But on the contrary part, to the inhabitants of the earth, even to the men which have their portion in this life, which delight in the ways of their flesh, and follow such a religion as agreeth to their own wisdom, this pure doctrine of God bringeth grievous torment, and therefore they hate most deadly the men which do utter it. This place doth teach us what a torment it is to the reprobate, when they hear the holy word of God nakedly and purely preached. This place doth open unto us what is the cause that the holy Prophets in old time, and the Apostles and faithful ministers of the word since Christ, have been hated persecuted and cruelly murdered: even this, that their doctrine did torment the wicked world so sore, that they could not abide it. Marvel not (brethren) that the godly Preachers at this day have many bitter enemies, for there be innumerable whose consciences are so evil, and that take such delight and pleasure in their own sinful lusts, that the holy`word of God, when it is rightly preached, doth torment and vex them wonderfully. Some do account it a great fault in the Preachers, when any of the people do storm and rage at their doctrine, and they would have them so to utter the word, as to grieve or displease none: but look upon that which is here said, the true servants of Christ so faithfully deliver their message, that it stingeth and tormenteth the inhabitants of the earth, and maketh them even as mad men to rage in wrath and fury. God's truth must be uttered, let the inhabitants of the earth, whom it tormenteth, broil and take on never so much: yea let them with mad fury run upon the Ministers of the Lord and murder them, yet they must not keep silence, they may not keep back that fire which proceedeth out of their mouth, which doth torment and devour the enemies. Again, let all people here he warned how they oppose themselves against the holy wprd, for it will torment them exceedingly. Seek to purge the heart, and then it shall not be a tormenting fire, but a sweet and precious food unto the soul. Blessed are they which find itso: and most wretched is every one whom it tormenteth.

Having thus far set forth the victory of the beast in killing the Lord's witnesses: as also his cruelty, and the savage fury of his seduced multitude in dishonouring them after they be dead: he cometh now to declare the spiritual victory and heavenly honour which these holy servants of the Lord obtain even in the sight and view of the world. They were always in triumph & honor with God: but in the world all the time in which Popery prevailed, they lay as men covered with ignominy and reproach, condemned and accursed as heretics. And then were canonized for Saints such as shewed themselves valiant champions for the defence of the tyrrany of Antichrist. After three days and a half, even when the time was come that Popery must be disclosed by the light of the Gospel breaking forth, there followeth a great alteration. These Prophets are raised up again, for he saith, that the spirit of life from God, shall enter into them, and they shall stand upon their feet. This is somewhat strange: but we may not take this so, as that the witnesses of the Lord, the Prophets which the beast slew, shall be raised up in their own persons (which yet they shall be at the general resurrection) but God doth here raise up other`witnesses endued with the same Spirit which they were, uttering and maintaining the same truth, & the same cause against Antichrist, and pulling down his usurped power. This was first fulfilled when God raised up his noble instruments and most worthy servants, master Luther, Master Calvin, Peter Martyr, Bucer, and many other. This is fulfilled daily in all the faithful Ministers of Christ, raised up in all countries; Let no man think that this exposition is beside the holy Scriptures, when ye see that the Lord said that he would send Elias the Prophet, & yet Elias came not in person, but John the Baptist in the spirit and power of Elias. And look well upon the cause, the servants of the Lord which were murdered in time of Popery, or which were condemned as heretics, and`so lay under all ignominy and reproach among men: as Wickliffe, Husse, Hierome of Prague, and many other, are they not after a sort also even raised up to life, yea even in their own persons, when their doctrine and their cause is most mightily defended by the lively word which is come from God? Do they not even as it were stand upon their feet again? Is there not a great fear fallen upon many that see it? They never looked for such an alteration, which worshipped the beast.

And touching the words which follow, is there not a great voice from heaven to bid them come thither? and are they not ascended up even in the sight of their enemies? doth not the mighty voice of God in his word which is from heaven, clear them from being heretics, and manifest that they were true Prophets of the Lord, and now partakers of the heavenly glory? This word (I say) carrieth them up into heaven, as it were in a cloud. This word sheweth that those Popish Saints whom Antichrist did canonize, as Thomas Becket, and such like, were wicked Idolaters. The Papists, and especially the Jesuits do bite and gnaw at this, but cannot tell how to remedy it. They labour with all their might; still to dishonour those worthy witnesses of the Lord, whom their king Antichrist slew, and to honor those Popish champions, but all in vain: for this great voice from heaven, even the clear word is too strong for them, and doth beat them down. It layeth open the filthiness of those whom they extoll, and it advanceth even to the heavens the true ministers of the Gospel whom they condemn.

Here is yet another thing remaining, an earthquake and the effect thereof. He saith; In that hour there was a great earthquake. Even at the time in which God raiseth up his servants to spread the light of his Gospel, to discover all the wicked abominations of Antichrist and to glve honour to his former Prophets, falleth out this great earthquake. But will some say, when heard we of such an earthquake? I answer, that by this earthquake are meant the commotions, the seditions, the tumults and wars among the kingdoms and nations of the world which have been very great ever since the Gospel brake forth. All that be of years do know what great shakings there have been, and yet are. And now touching the effect of this earthquake, the tenth part of the great city doth fall. The Romish Synagogue cometh down, yea it cometh down daily, there is such a mighty shaking. Many are departed from them, their glory is impaired, yea they are constrained to forsake some of their own superstitious inventions, & to confess that they were errors. And further, there is this effct of the earthquake, that in it there are slain seven thousand. Seven is used in the Scriptures for a full and perfect number, and so by seuen thousand are meant many thousands, even all those upon whom the grievous judgments of God do fall, and root them out. And it is said, the rest were terrified and gave glory to the God of heaven. Blessed be God, many repent in these days, even in the midst of these commotions & fearful judgments of God. Yea the time from the worshipping of idols, and give glory to the God of heaven. In the time of the murdering army, chap. 9 when the third part of men were slain, it is said, that the rest repented not of their idolatry: blessed be the times into which we are fallen, although they be otherwise troublesome, for in them God giveth repentance to many.