The 2,300 days of Daniel

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The Creation Concept

Cosmology and Daniel’s 2300 days

What happened in 1750 AD?

Things cast to the ground by the little horn

God's sanctuary is heaven

Things cast to the ground by the little horn

Daniel 8:10-12 describes a little horn in the head of a male goat. The goat represents the Greek empire, and the little horn represents Antiochus IV, king of Mesopotamia, Syria, and Palestine in the second century BC. This little horn extended itself towards the south (Egypt) and towards the east (Mesopotamia) and towards the holy land (Jerusalem), and grew great, and very tall, even growing to the height of the stars; he cast down to the ground the stars, the host of heaven, the place of God's sanctuary, and the truth.

Each of the above were said to be cast down and trampled by the little horn. Daniel's prophecy also says the "constant" [Hebrew: 'tamiyd', translated "daily"] was taken away by the little horn; I suggest the term "constant" refers to the earth's diurnal rotation, the knowledge of which was suppressed.

All of this was referred to as the "transgression of desolation" by the angelic messenger in Daniel 8:14. After 2,300 "evening morning," the "sanctuary" would be cleansed. God's sanctuary in heaven was cleansed 2,300 years after Daniel saw his vision. The 2,300 days represent 23 centuries, that were fulfilled in the mid-eighteenth century.

Four things Daniel said were cast to the ground, [Dan. 8:10-12] are listed below.

Stars – the creation account in Genesis 1 was changed so that stars were included in the things created on day 4, and the sun and moon were located on the underside of the "firmament."

The host of heaven – refers to the sun and moon, planets, comets, constellations, etc., which were all located within the "firmament" by the changes introduced in the Scripturesby Antiochus IV and his agents.

The place of God's sanctuary – refers to heaven itself. In the geocentric cosmology of the Greeks, the stars were considered to be fixed to the inside surface of the heavenly sphere or firmament, considered to be a rotating shell centered upon the earth. Being equated with the earth's crust, the place of God's sanctuary was figuratively cast to the ground.

The truth – by his alterations to the scriptures, Antiochus corrupted Bible cosmology. This led to general rejection of belief in the divine authority of the Bible after the scientific revolution in the mid-eighteenth century.

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