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Evidence from New Guinea

Oceanic sharks and sawfish are reported in a New Guinea freshwater lake. In his book "Earth's Most Challenging Mysteries," Reginald Daly writes:
In order to evade the force of the flood geology argument, modern geology is obliged to invent a separate uplift for each whale, also a separate uplift for the sharks and sawfish (still alive) in a freshwater lake in New Guinea. Every marine fossil, requires an explanatory "uplift."

Daly, Reginald, 1972. Earth's Most Challenging Mysteries. Craig Press, Nutley N.J. p.115

Marine animals are also living today in large lakes of eastern Africa, so these lakes must have been connected to the sea.

A Black Sea Flood?

Was the flooding of the Black Sea by the waters of the Mediterranean the Noachian Flood? Here are two newspaper reports about the new theory by William Ryan and Walter Pitman:
ANALYSIS: In search of Noah's flood

Plumbing Black Sea for Proof of the Deluge

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