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In Alaska; evidence for catastrophism consists of buried animals such as mammoths in frozen muck along with trees; and fossil bones of animals such as ground sloth, horses, saber-toothed cats, etc. The frozen muck is said to be thousands of feet thick. Byron Nelson quotes the following news item from New York World, June 1, 1930:
Fairbanks, Alaska, May 31--Well preserved skeletons of lions, elephants, mastodons, horse, bear, bison, moose and various rodents have been uncovered here by the two huge gold-dredging machines cutting into the fossil-filled muck which overlays the gold bearing gravel. For more than a hundred years engineers, prospectors and miners in Alaska have encountered tusks, bones and skulls of extinct Pleistocene animals, exposed in the banks of rivers... The gold mining dredges now being pushed deep into the old earth have years of work ahead, and already the scientific results greatly surpass expectation. To date the collection recovered include the largest number of different animals ever found in one field.

Nelson, Byron C. 1969. The Deluge Story in Stone. Bethany Fellowship Inc., Minneapolis. p. 124.

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